ESPINOLA is an intellectual manifestation.

ESPINOLA is for consumers who value quality and objects that communicate.

ESPINOLA believes that fashion has to be thought and communicated, that clothing is architecture for the body, that the revolution is subtle, dark and on a human scale. That fashion is a way of individual, political and questioning expression.

ESPINOLA thinks that the clothes we wear in our bodies are more than textiles, they tell a story and they are a declaration of principles.

ESPINOLA is a collection of limited-edition-styles, an interdisciplinary work of unique objects, where concepts like history, utility, experimentation and craft traditioncreates a narrative through a collage of ideas, people, material and technique.


Juan Pablo Espínola is a Chilean architect and fashion designer.

After graduating from Architecture at Universidad de Chile, Juan Pablo Espínola worked among worldwide recognized architects, such as Sou Fujimoto in Tokyo, Japan, before launching his fashion brand ESPINOLA in March 2015.

At first, an elaborate collection that mixed typical hand-made textiles of southern Chile and digital prints of worldwide modern architecture quickly attracted attention, enabling his fledgling label to show on-schedule during 2016 World Latin Trends, the most important platform of Latin American fashion design. A steady growth in demand gave occasion to Espínola first stand-alone on-schedule women’s show at Santiago Fashion Week in 2018, being the youngest designer in participate and earning both critical acclaim and commercial success, whose label is now regarded as one of Latin American’s most innovative and forward-thinking brands.

In parallel to the work in ESPINOLA, he also has been working in other design lines, that are called ESPINOLA STUDIO and BESTIARIO, projects that will soon be launched.

In 2020 Juan Pablo Espínola launched his architecture studio, where he has collaborated with JEPSEN Group, the MIA Art Collection based in Dubai, Fundación Nicanor Parra, among others private clients in architecture proposals and virtual reality architecture.